What does ATO- Alpha Tau Omega mean?

ATO- Alpha Tau Omega meaning in Urban Dictionary

A fraternity predicated on brotherhood and spirituality that makes one area of the family. Mostly well-known in eastern coastline and south, ATOs the country over are recognized for becoming the "nice men" who find yourself internet dating girls instead of just slaying. These are typically known for their particular vast desire for music, art, as well as the greater fine arts. Looking for true-meaning in life, these are generally taught to live out their life daily. Liked by many, hated by couple of, the ATOs tend to be one of several largest fraternities in the usa, steadily developing and getting around those that started before all of them. Whenever someone hears of an "ATO party", they know that any person should be able to come because it is not a fraternity of douchebags such as sigma chi or PIKE- this goes along with part of their particular creed "to foster, maybe not partisanship, however the recognition of real merit wherever found". Another deep interest of ATOs mostly within the west shore appears to be their love for dance. This is certainly plainly seen in this video clip of ATOs at UCSB dance on youtube. This along with their love of several types of music permits ATOs to throw the most fun events on university. When a sorority woman or any lady as a whole needs assist, they contact the ATOs- the best guyest on campus.