What does ATM Card mean?

ATM Card meaning in Urban Dictionary

This saying initially utilized by the rapper Mac Dre defines someone who uses their funds or belongings to get intercourse, love or company of some other. This can include letting them utilize their automobile, giving them a totally free place to remain, buying food or clothing for all of them, etc. Other synonyms would-be glucose Daddy or glucose Momma.

ATM Card meaning in Finance Dictionary

a plastic card enabling the owner to gain access to an automated teller machine to acquire money and statements.

ATM Card meaning in Law Dictionary

card regularly get funds from an ATM. It really is plastic and contains a magnetic strip. You can use it as a debit card also.

ATM Card meaning in Business Dictionary

A plastic card always withdraw funds from a banking organization's automated teller machine (ATM). Often this card doubles as a debit card, although not all ATM cards have this capability.