What does ATM mean?

ATM meaning in Medical Dictionary

representation when it comes to ataxia telangiectasia mutated (ATM) gene. The protein produced by the ATM gene functions to regulate the price where cells develop. The ATM necessary protein performs this by delivering signals and changing proteins in the mobile, which in turn alters the event regarding the proteins. This protein also interacts along with other proteins (for instance BRCA1) to react whenever DNA is damaged as a consequence of experience of some type of radiation. If strands of DNA are broken, the ATM necessary protein coordinates DNA fix by activating various other proteins. This purpose helps to maintain the stability associated with mobile's genome. Due to its central part in mobile unit and DNA repair, the ATM necessary protein is very important to disease biology.

ATM meaning in Chat Slang Dictionary

right now

ATM meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1976, acronym for computerized teller device (1974), that was developed in modern form c.1968.

ATM meaning in Cooking Dictionary

automatic teller device.

ATM meaning in General Dictionary

an unit of force: pressure that will support a line of mercury 760 mm large at sea level and 0 degrees centigrade

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  • an unattended device (outside some banking institutions) that dispenses cash when an individual coded card can be used
  • an easy method of digital communications this is certainly capable of very high rates; suitable for transmission of images or vocals or movie also data

ATM meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

is short for "Asynchronous Transfer Mode." Most people understand of ATMs as automated teller machines -- those friendly containers that enable you to withdraw money from your bank or credit account while charging you you a ridiculous surcharge for solution. Inside computer system world, however, ATM has an alternative meaning. Asynchronous Transfer Mode is a networking technology that transfers data in packets or cells of a hard and fast size. ATM uses 53-byte cells (5 bytes the target header and 48 bytes when it comes to data). These extremely tiny cells may be processed through an ATM switch (perhaps not an automated teller machine) fast enough to preserve data transfer speeds of over 600 mbps. Technology had been created for the high-speed transmission of all of the kinds of media from standard pictures to full-motion video clip. Since the cells are incredibly small, ATM gear can transmit huge amounts of data over one link while making sure no transmission uses up all the data transfer. In addition enables websites Providers (ISPs) to assign restricted bandwidth to every client. While this might appear like a downside for customer, it really improves the efficiency regarding the Internet Service Provider's net connection, resulting in the overall rate of connection to be faster for everyone.