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The acronym for, potentially, many awesome cartoon ever developed. Aqua Teen Hunger Force 0//n5, bottom line. If you should be looking over this you have fallen victim into sweetical mind control which deehee. The most effective really tv show ever!!!Also referred to as Aqua teenage Hunger Force.Created for people who like to watch 3 articles of meals on television (Meatwad: a tiny, possibly psychologically retarded ball of beef not approved for personal consumption,Frylock: A container of fries that is a wizard, and comes with the container, the fries, and A diamond embedded on his back, and Master Shake: also called: "MS" whom is made of a rather ignorant brain and a pink straw that propels green pinochilada(sp) flavored milkshake, and petite yellowish arms. The program is much like seinfeld in A way: it's A show about absolutely nothing, plus some episode games even begin with the word "The" (the same as Seinfeld). It consists of 2 dimensional aliens both whom enjoy flipping things off: Ignignokt: A large green alien, and Err: an inferior alien that is green,oh, and uncle Cliff just who appears in one single episode. Oh, and who can forget, the aqua teens beloved next-door neighbor: Carl Brutananadilewski who's hairy and enjoys veiwing pornography in his run-down house, (with of couse his small pool). Carl concists of some shoes, perspiration jeans, A wifebeater, and undoubtedly his popular gold chain. Also called Aqua teenage Hunger energy, the geniuses behind this program appear to know exactly what makes a stoned person piss his jeans with laughter. I enjoy this tv show. It is definitely hilarious. God's gift towards the world by means of three insane food products from Jersey Shore just who always torture their particular neighbor, Carl.