What does ATAPI mean?

ATAPI meaning in Law Dictionary

It represents AT attachment packet user interface. Its simpler than a SCSI utilized in computers. It may enable 100mb/sec on storage space products.

ATAPI meaning in Business Dictionary

AT accessory packet interface. Essentially, a less complicated (therefore less expensive) adaptation of SCSI demand set-to IDE screen widely used in pcs. Its latest variation (ATA 100) allows up to 100 megabits per second of information transfer rate for storage space products including CD-ROM drives and tape drives.

ATAPI meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

brief for AT Attachment Packet software, ATAPI is an extension to ATA which allows help for products eg CD-ROM drives, Tape drives, also computer peripherals and not hard disks. Prior to the launch of ATA-4 or ATAPI-4, ATAPI had been another type of standard from ATA.