What does ATA Carnet mean?

ATA Carnet meaning in Law Dictionary

document for duty free imports. No relationship is posted for task charged. Its utilized for literary works, samples, designs, equipment, and demonstration equipment. The chambers of business issue it and pay the job . AKA a short-term admission.

ATA Carnet meaning in Business Dictionary

International traditions document for temporary duty free import of particular products (for a specific period, generally year), without publishing a bond for assessed duty. It's generally familiar with import sales promotion literature, inexpensive samples for distribution, styles and works of art for event, and equipment and equipment for screen or demonstration. A mix of French and English terms, (admission temporair/temporary admission) it really is given by local chambers of trade associated to the Global Chambers Of Commerce (ICC). Neighborhood chambers guaranty repayment of traditions duties in case goods allowed under ATA Carnet aren't re-exported on due date. Many, not all, countries accept ATA Carnet. Also referred to as 'a short-term admission.'