What does ATA mean?

ATA meaning in Names Dictionary

Ghanian title provided to the first-born twin.
Name Origin: African
Name Gender: Male

ATA meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

brief for Advanced Technology Attachment, ATA was initially authorized May 12, 1994, in ANSI document quantity X3.221-1994 and it is an interface regularly connect these types of products as hard disk drives, CD-ROM drives, as well as other disk drives. The initial ATA program is currently generally named PATA, which is short for Parallel AT Attachment following the introduction of SATA. Today, all home computer systems utilize the ATA software, including Apple computer systems, designed to use SATA.

ATA meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Stands for "Advanced Technology Attachment." It really is a type of disk drive that integrates the drive operator entirely on the drive itself. Computer systems may use ATA hard drives without a certain operator to aid the drive. The motherboard must however support an ATA link, but another card (like a SCSI card for a SCSI hard drive) isn't needed. Some different sorts of ATA standards feature ATA-1, ATA-2 (a.k.a. Quick ATA), ATA-3, Ultra ATA (33 MBps maximum transfer price), ATA/66 (66 MBps), and ATA/100 (100 MBps). The word IDE, or "incorporated Drive Electronics," can also be always refer to ATA drives. Sometimes (to incorporate additional confusion to people purchasing hard disks), ATA drives tend to be called "IDE/ATA." Officially, ATA uses IDE technology, nevertheless the thing to learn would be that they relate to the same thing.

Sentence Examples with the word ATA

The axis, or backbone, of Pamir formation is the great meridional mountain chain of Sarikol - the ancient Taurus of tradition and history - on which stands the highest peak north of the Himalaya, the Murtagh Ata (25,000 ft.).

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