What does ASSISE, OR ASSIZE mean?

ASSISE, OR ASSIZE meaning in Law Dictionary

1. A historical types of courtroom, composed of a specific wide range of men, generally twelve, who have been summoned together to try a disputed cause, carrying out the functions of a jury, except they provided a verdict from unique investigation and understanding and never upon evidence adduced. From the fact that they sat collectively, (assidco,) these people were known as the "assise." See Bract. 4, 1, 6; Co. Litt 1536, 1596. A court made up of an assembly of knights along with other significant guys, using baron or justice, in a certain place, at an appointed time. Grand Cou. cc. 24, 25. 2. The verdict or judgment of this jurors or recognitors of assise. 3 Bl. Comm. 57, 59. 3. In modern-day English law, title "assises" or "assizes" is directed at the courtroom, time, or location where in fact the judges of assise and nisi-prius, who will be sent by special fee through the top on circuits through the kingdom, check out take indictments, and to decide to try these types of disputed factors issuing out from the process of law at Westminster because are after that ready for test, using the assistance of a jury through the certain county; the regular sessions of the judges at nisi-prius. 4. such a thing decreased to a certainty according to time, quantity, quantity, quality, body weight, measure, etc. Spelman. 5. An ordinance, statute, or legislation. Spelman provides this concept of your message the first spot among their definitions, observing that statutes had been Iii The united kingdomt labeled as "assises" right down to the reign of Henry III. 6. A species of writ, or real activity, thought to have already been devised by Glanvilie, main justice to Henry II., and achieving for the item to look for the right of ownership of lands, also to recuperate the possession. 3 BL. Comm. 184, 185. 7. the complete proceedings in judge upon a writ of assise. Co. Litt. 150b. The verdict or finding of this jury upon such a writ 3 Bl. Comm. 57.