ASSET-OR-NOTHING OPTION meaning in Law Dictionary

BINARYBARRIER CHOICE that grants the client a payoff add up to a hard and fast ASSET value in the event that cost of the root market guide surpasses the STRIKE COST at expiry. See additionally BINARY CHOICE, CASHORNOTHING OPTION.ASSET STRIPPING The process of selling corporate POSSESSIONS obtained in a TAKEOVER or PURCHASE. These types of disposals may possibly occur as soon as the worth of selling possessions and with the proceeds to settle DEBT or purchase alternate ventures is predicted become more than the worth of protecting them regarding balance sheet. See also BREAKUP VALUE, LIQUIDATION VALUE.ASSET SWAP An OVERTHECOUNTER RATE OF INTEREST SWAP that exchanges BOND COUPONS from fixed rates into drifting, or the other way around, producing a synthetic financial investment that meets an investor