What does ASSAILANT mean?

ASSAILANT meaning in General Dictionary

person who or what assails attacks or assaults an assailer

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  • Assailing attacking
  • an individual who attacks
  • Assailing; assaulting.
  • One who, or whatever, assails, assaults, or assaults; an assailer.

ASSAILANT meaning in Law Dictionary

This term is employed to describe somebody who assaults someone.

ASSAILANT meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, from French assailant, noun usage of present participle of assailir (see assail). Early in the day in same good sense had been assailer (c.1400).

ASSAILANT meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Assailing; assaulting.

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  • (n.) One that, or what, assails, attacks, or assaults; an assailer.

Sentence Examples with the word ASSAILANT

The assailant shoved Dean backwards, sitting him down hard on the concrete sidewalk as his head whacked the wall.

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