What does ASPCA face mean?

ASPCA face meaning in Urban Dictionary

Pronounced 'as-pah' face (with a silent 'C', for the reason that it stinking additional consonant causes it to be flow all wrong n' stuff.)A sad-faced animal usually seen on ASPCA Commercials (United states community for protection of Cruelty to pets) to induce pity and motivate size donations of income.ORThe expression noticed in numerous bars/clubs/other personal organizations in the face of men after becoming harshly shot down whilst picking up women.ORThe unfortunate appearance on kids faces if they don't get their means.ORThe expression seen on dudes' faces whilst wanting to obtain intercourse making use of a guilt-trip scenario.ORThe expression on ladies' faces for almost something underneath the sunlight if it is not the way they *perfectly* envisioned it.