What does AREOPAGITE mean?

AREOPAGITE meaning in General Dictionary

a part for the Areopagus

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  • an associate of council associated with the Areopagus
  • A member of Areopagus.

AREOPAGITE meaning in Law Dictionary

In ancient Greek law. Legal counsel or chief judge of this Areopagus in capital matters in Athens; a tribunal so-called after a hill or minor eminence, in a street of this town focused on Mars, in which the courtroom happened for which those judges were wont to stay. Wharton.

AREOPAGITE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"member for the Areopagus court," late 14c.; see Areopagus + -ite (1). See Acts xvii:34.

AREOPAGITE meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An associate of the Areopagus.

Sentence Examples with the word AREOPAGITE

The author of the Theologia mystica and the other works ascribed to the Areopagite proceeds, therefore, to develop the doctrines of Proclus with very little modification into a system of esoteric Christianity.

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