What does ARCHIVES mean?

ARCHIVES meaning in General Dictionary

an accumulation records particularly about an institution

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  • collection of files specially about an institution
  • of Archive

ARCHIVES meaning in Law Dictionary

The Rolls; anyplace where old documents, charters, and evidences tend to be held. In libraries, the personal depository. Cowell; Spelman. The derivative concept of the term (now the greater common) denotes the writings their selves hence maintained; thus we state the archives of a college, of a monastery, a public otBce. etc. Tx M. Rv. Co. v. Jarvis, 69 Tex. 537, 7 S. W. 210; Guillbeau v. Mays, 15 Tex. 410.

ARCHIVES meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from French archif (16c.), from Late Latin archivum (singular), from Greek ta arkheia "public documents," plural of arkheion "city hall," from arkhe "government," literally "beginning, source, first place" (see archon).

ARCHIVES meaning in General Dictionary

(pl. ) of Archive

Sentence Examples with the word ARCHIVES

The town-hall contains the municipal library, collec tions of tapestry, portraits and antiquities, and valuable archives relating to the town and province.

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