What does ARCHETYPE mean?

ARCHETYPE meaning in General Dictionary

The original pattern or style of a work or even the design from which a thing is made or formed

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  • something that functions as a model or a basis to make copies
  • the first structure or type of a-work; or the design from which anything is created or created.
  • the conventional body weight or money where other individuals are adjusted.
  • the master plan or fundamental framework by which an all-natural band of pets or plants or their particular systems of body organs are presumed to being constructed; as, the vertebrate archetype.

ARCHETYPE meaning in Law Dictionary

the initial backup.

ARCHETYPE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"original pattern from which copies manufactured," 1540s [Barnhart] or c.1600 [OED], from Latin archetypum, from Greek arkhetypon "pattern, model, figure on a seal," neuter of adjective arkhetypos "first-moulded," from arkhe- "first" (see archon) + typos "model, kind, blow, level of a blow" (identify type). Jungian psychology sense of "pervasive concept or image from collective involuntary" is from 1919. Jung defined archetypal photos as "forms or images of a collective nature which occur practically throughout the planet as constituents of myths as well as the same time frame as autochthonous individual services and products of unconscious source." ["Psychology and Religion" 1937]

ARCHETYPE meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A biological term that means flowers or animals from which particular attributes have-been passed down.

ARCHETYPE meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Gr. arche, first; and typos, kind) The original structure of forms of which actual things are copies. (Platonic). -- J.K.F.

ARCHETYPE meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The original structure or style of a work; or perhaps the design where a thing is created or formed.

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  • (n.) The typical weight or coin wherein others are adjusted.
  • (n.) The master plan or fundamental construction by which a natural set of animals or plants or their systems of organs are thought to have already been built; as, the vertebrate archetype.

Sentence Examples with the word ARCHETYPE

At the same time it is clear both from internal and external evidence that the archetype from which our MSS.

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