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In English ecclesiastical legislation. A court of charm belonging to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the judge of which is named the "Dean of the Arches," because his court had been anciently held inside chapel of Saint Mary-le-Bow, (Sancta Maria de Arcubux,) so named from the steeple, which can be raised upon pillars built archwise. The court was until recently held when you look at the hallway belonging to the College of Civilians, frequently known as "health practitioners' Commons." It is now held in Westminster Hall. Its correct jurisdiction is throughout the thirteen peculiar parishes from the archbishop in London, but, the ollice of Dean of the Arches having been for a long period united thereupon of archbishop's principal authoritative, the Judge associated with Arches, in right of these additional office, it receives and determines appeals from sentences of all of the inferior ecclesiastical process of law within the province. 3 Bl. Comm. 04.

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Under the Clergy Discipline Act 1892 an appeal lies from the judgment of a consistory court under that act, in respect of fact by leave of the appellate court, and in respect of law without leave, to either the Arches court or the judicial committee of the privy council at the option of the appellant.

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