What does ARCHANGEL mean?

ARCHANGEL meaning in General Dictionary

A chief angel one full of the celestial hierarchy

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  • a biennial cultivated natural herb; its stems tend to be candied and eaten and its origins are utilized medicinally
  • an angel ranked over the highest rank into the celestial hierarchy
  • A chief angel; one high in the celestial hierarchy.
  • a phrase put on various types of plants (Angelica archangelica, Lamium record album, etc.).

ARCHANGEL meaning in Law Dictionary

powerful angel buyer with a fruitful history in financial investment. A consultant held by angels to research and present opportunities.

ARCHANGEL meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 12c., from Old French archangel (12c.) or right from belated Latin archangelus, from Greek arkhangelos "main angel," from arkh- "main, very first" (see archon) + angelos (see angel). Replaced Old English heah encgel.

ARCHANGEL meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A chief angel; one saturated in the celestial hierarchy.

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  • (letter.) A phrase placed on many different species of plants (Angelica archangelica, Lamium album, etc.).

Sentence Examples with the word ARCHANGEL

It is the seat of a bishop, and has a cathedral (1709-1743), a museum, the monastery of the Archangel Michael (whence the city gets its name), an ecclesiastical seminary, a school of navigation and a naval hospital.

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