What does ARBITRAMENT mean?

ARBITRAMENT meaning in General Dictionary

Determination decision arbitration

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  • the work of deciding as an arbiter; offering authoritative view
  • Determination; decision; arbitration.
  • The prize of arbitrators.

ARBITRAMENT meaning in Law Dictionary

The prize or decision of arbitrators upon a matter of dispute, which has been posted for them. Termes de los angeles Ley.

ARBITRAMENT meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Determination; choice; arbitration.

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  • (n.) The award of arbitrators.

Sentence Examples with the word ARBITRAMENT

Considering the vastness of the stat interests involved, there is much cause for satisfaction in the fact that these differences have been settled by peaceful arbitrament rather than by that recourse to force which has so often marked the delimitation of rights and territory on other continents.

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