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Assult Rifle.Commonly accustomed make reference to the Armalite AR-15, that was later developed into the M-16. Chambered in .223 quality, the rifle proves to work though significantly inadequate. Today, multiple manufacturers produce ARs in a variety of calibers. Alternate truth - used in Fan Fiction for comparable truth with different version of activities, as where as AU Alternate Universe is significantly diffent time & destination Anal Retentive. Tight Asses. A.R: Ass Rape. It is found in conditions where profanity is not common. 25th U.S. condition. Pronounced Ar-kan-saw. The main 1803 Louisiana Purchase. Populous places feature Little Rock (capital), Fort Smith, and Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers Metro location. Abbreviation is often mistaken for Arizona (AZ). Unlike a standard misconception, not all the Arkansans (or Arkansawyers) are hicks. Locals, residents, and previous residents feature Billy Bob Thorton, Johnny money, Daniel Davis (Niles the Butler), John Daly, Bill Carr, John Grisham, Maya Angelou, Don Tyson, Sam Walton, Glen Campbell, Lefty Frizzell, Al Green, Levon Helm, Tracy Lawrence, Amy Lee, Ne-Yo, Conway Twitty, Hattie Caraway, Bill Clinton, Daisy Bates, and Bill Doolin. AR15 rifle sign for the Big O and Dukes reveal on 101.5 No-cost FM from 8-12pm monday-Friday in Arizona. THE MAXIMUM SHOW IN THE WORLD!