What does AQUA mean?

AQUA meaning in General Dictionary

Water a word much found in pharmacy therefore the old biochemistry in a variety of signification determined by the term or terms annexed

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  • a shade of blue tinged with green
  • Water; -- a word much used in drugstore and the old biochemistry, in various signification, based on the phrase or terms annexed.

AQUA meaning in Law Dictionary

when you look at the civil and old English law. Liquid; sometimes a stream or water-course.

AQUA meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"water," late 14c.; see aqua-. Found in late center English in combinations to mean "decoction, option" (as in aqua regia, a mix of concentrated acids, literally "royal water," so called because of its capacity to reduce gold as well as other "noble" metals). Whilst the title of a light greenish-blue shade, 1936.

AQUA meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Water; -- a word much found in pharmacy and old chemistry, in various signification, dependant on the term or words annexed.

Sentence Examples with the word AQUA

The crude element is treated with aqua regia and then evaporated with an excess of hydrochloric acid, the solution diluted and the tellurium precipitated by a current of sulphur dioxide.

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