What does AQILE IMMITTEND mean?

AQILE IMMITTEND meaning in Law Dictionary

In unlawful legislation. An accomplice in criminal activity which accuses other individuals of the identical offense, and is accepted as a witness at the discretion for the judge to offer evidence against his friends in guilt. He is vulgarly known as "Queen's Evidence." He is person who confesses himself responsible of felony and accuses other people of the same criminal activity to save lots of himself from discipline. Myers v. individuals, 20 111. 175. In old English legislation. Particular males delivered in to the a number of counties to increase the farms (rents) of hundreds and wapentakes, which previously were allow at a particular price toward sheriff. Cowell. Bailiffs of lords within their franchises. Sheriffs had been known as the king's "approvers" in 1 Edw. III. st. 1, c. 1. fermes de la Ley, 49. Approvers in the Marches were those who had license to market and get beasts there.