What does APU mean?

APU meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Quick for Accelerated Processing device or Advanced Processing device, APU is any handling that takes place outside of the computer systems main Central Processing Unit. As an example, the images handling product (GPU) is a good example of an APU, which is often utilized for more than simply rendering graphics.

APU meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

An APU is a processor that includes both the Central Processing Unit and GPU in one chip. Title “APU” ended up being created by AMD, which circulated initial APU in January, 2011. For quite some time, CPUs handled all non-graphics computations, while GPUs were just useful for illustrations businesses. As GPU performance increased, hardware manufacturers and pc software code writers knew GPUs had plenty of unused prospective. Therefore, they started to discover approaches to offload specific system computations to the GPU. This strategy, labeled as “parallel processing,” enables the GPU to execute calculations alongside the CPU, increasing overall performance. The APU takes parallel processing one-step further by removing the coach between the Central Processing Unit and GPU and integrating both units for a passing fancy processor chip. Since the bus could be the main bottleneck in parallel handling, an APU is more efficient than another CPU and GPU. While this method may well not make sense for desktop computers with devoted movie cards, it may provide significant performance gains for laptops and other mobile phones having incorporated images chips. NOTE: While Intel processors aren't called APUs, modern-day Intel architectures, including Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge are made with built-in CPUs and GPUs. These chips are now and again called “hybrid processors,” because they have both central handling product together with visuals processing device.

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Akhmim was the Egyptian Apu or Khen-min, in Coptic Shmin, known to the Greeks as Chemmis or Panopolis, capital of the 9th or Chemmite nome of Upper Egypt.

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