What does APPetite mean?

APPetite meaning in General Dictionary

The desire to have some individual satisfaction either for the body or of this head

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  • a sense of wanting anything
  • The desire for some individual gratification, either of this human body or of mind.
  • wish to have, or relish of, food or drink; appetite.
  • Any strong desire; an eagerness or longing.
  • Tendency; appetency.
  • the one thing desired.

APPetite meaning in Urban Dictionary

The insatiable wish to have newer and more inane iPhone and iTouch apps, driven by their particular temporary novelty

APPetite meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "food craving," from Anglo-French appetit, Old French apetit (13c.) "appetite, desire, eagerness," from Latin appetitus "appetite," virtually "desire toward," from appetitus, previous participle of appetere "to really miss, need; shoot for, grasp at," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + petere "go to, search for" (see petition (letter.)). Of various other desires or cravings, from belated 14c. As an adjective kind, OED lists appetitious (1650s) and appetitual (1610s) as "obsolete," but appetitive (1570s) goes on.

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APPetite meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

title given in Scholastic psychology to any or all strivings. Painful and sensitive appetites have a tendency toward Individual products. These are typically concupiscible insofar because they are directed toward a smart good or strive to prevent a smart evil; irascible if striving encounters hurdles. Their motions would be the reason behind thoughts. Rational or intellectual appetite=will, tending towards the good as such and necessarily consequently towards God due to the fact summum bonum. -- R.A.

APPetite meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The desire to have some private satisfaction, either associated with human body or for the head.

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  • (n.) Desire for, or relish of, meals or drink; appetite.
  • (n.) Any powerful desire; an eagerness or longing.
  • (n.) Tendency; appetency.
  • (n.) Finished . desired.

Sentence Examples with the word APPetite

His qualities and his defects were alike exhibited on a generous scale; and if his greed and arrogance were colossal, so were his administrative capacity and his appetite for work.

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