APPROPRIATION OF WATER meaning in Law Dictionary

n appropriation of water flowing in the public domain is made up into the capture, impounding, or diversion of it from the natural training course or channel and its particular actual application to some advantageous usage private or private into appropriator. to the whole exclusion (or exclusion towards level of this liquid appropriated) of all of the other individuals. To constitute a valid appropriation, there should be an intent to use water to some advantageous use existing during the time or contemplated as time goes on. a diversion through the all-natural station in the form of a ditch or canal, or other open real act of taking possession regarding the liquid, and a genuine application from it within a reasonable time for you some of use or beneficial function. Minimal v. Rlzor. 25 Or. 551, 37 Pac. 82; Clough v. Wing. 2 Ariz. 371. 17 Pac. 453: Offield v. Ish, 21 Wash. 277. 57 Pac. 809; Reservoir Co. v. Folks. 8 Colo. 014. 9 Pac. 794; McCall v. Porter. 42 Otherwise. 49, 70 Pac. 820; McDonald v. Mining Co., 13 Cal. 220.