What does APPOINTEE mean?

APPOINTEE meaning in General Dictionary

A person appointed

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  • somebody who is appointed to work or position
  • the official who's appointed
  • you appointed.
  • an individual in whose benefit a power of visit is executed.

APPOINTEE meaning in Law Dictionary

person who is appointed or selected for a certain purpose; as appointee under a power may be the one who should receive the good thing about the power.

APPOINTEE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1768, after French appoint

APPOINTEE meaning in Loan Terminology Glossary

 somebody who was supplied and it has acknowledged a full-time place because of the University of Ca.

APPOINTEE meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) An individual appointed.

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  • (v. t.) You in whose benefit an electric of visit is executed.

Sentence Examples with the word APPOINTEE

Then the long continued unrest both in the mother country and in the province seems to have encouraged Josias Fendall, the proprietor's own appointee as governor, to strike a blow against the proprietary government and attempt to set up a commonwealth in its place; but this revolt was easily suppressed and order was generally preserved in the province from the English Restoration of 1660 to the English Revolution of 1688.

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