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Quick for "Ai piak piak mai". Ai meaning "Wanna", mai definition "or perhaps not?" Piak piak could be the noise created during intercourse due to contact amongst the man and woman.Together it indicates "want to screw (or not)?"It's hokkien and descends from Singapore. Advanced position Procrastination Madness Syndrome.This occurs when an AP pupil has procrastinated on last-minute, and it is really cranky as well as on side. Signs of APPMS feature (but are not limited to) the following: Slammed keyboards, screaming at books/tv's/audiobooks/computers/websites/anything inanimate.APPMS can be known to trigger students to create exceedingly on twitter.There is no known remedy to APPMS other than to simply complete what the pupil has actually procrastinated.If the thing is your friends or kids expressing these signs, remain about 10 foot away, and what you may do, TRY NOT TO MAKE EYE CONTACT. They will certainly take this as a challenge and attack you. Short-form for Ai Pak Pool Mai. In English, this translates to "want to Enjoy Pool?". Frequently made use of when friends are organizing for a pool session.