What does APPLICABLE mean?

APPLICABLE meaning in General Dictionary

with the capacity of being applied fit or appropriate become applied having relevance since this observance is applicable to the instance under consideration

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  • capable of becoming used; having relevance
  • effective at being used; healthy or suitable to-be used; having relevance; because, this observation is relevant into case in mind.

APPLICABLE meaning in Law Dictionary

whenever a constitution or courtroom declares the common law is In force in a certain state in terms of it really is appropriate, it is meant so it needs to be relevant to your habits and conditions associated with community, as well as in equilibrium using the genius, the character, together with objects of these institutions. Wagner v. Bissell, 3 Iowa, 402. When a constitution prohibits the enactment of local or special rules in all cases where an over-all law will be relevant, a general legislation should be construed become appropriate, in this good sense, where in fact the whole individuals of their state don't mind spending time in the topic, such as for example regulating interest, statutes of frauds or limitations, etc. But in which only a portion of the people tend to be affected, as with locating a county-seat, it will rely on the reality and circumstances of every particular situation whether these types of a law would-be applicable. Evans v. Job, 8 Nev. 322.

APPLICABLE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s, "pliable," with -able + Latin applicare (see utilize). Indicating "capable of being applied" is from 1650s; early in the day within feeling was appliable (mid-15c.).

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APPLICABLE meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) effective at being used; fit or suitable becoming applied; having relevance; because, this observation does apply towards situation into consideration.

Sentence Examples with the word APPLICABLE

The resistance to motion round a curve has not been so systematically studied that any definite rule can be formulated applicable to all classes of rolling stock and all radii of curves.

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