What does APPELLATE mean?

APPELLATE meaning in General Dictionary

A person or prosecuted for a crime Obs See Appellee

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  • with respect to or taking cognizance of appeals
  • of or relating to or taking account of appeals (usually legal appeals)
  • regarding, or using cognizance of, appeals.
  • someone or prosecuted for a crime. [Obs.] See Appellee.

APPELLATE meaning in Law Dictionary

related to or having cognizance of appeals and other proceedings the judicial review of adjudications.

APPELLATE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"pertaining to appeals," 1726, from Latin appellatus, previous participle of appellare (see charm). Appellate jurisdiction is within Blackstone (1768).

APPELLATE meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) regarding, or taking cognizance of, appeals.

Sentence Examples with the word APPELLATE

They have original jurisdiction of civil, criminal and probate matters, not specifically assigned to other tribunals, and appellate jurisdiction from the inferior courts.

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