What does APPARENT mean?

APPARENT meaning in General Dictionary

An heir apparent

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  • effective at being seen or effortlessly seen ready to accept see visible to the eye within picture or view
  • appearing as such not always therefore
  • obviously unveiled to your head and/or senses or view
  • Capable of becoming seen, or quickly seen; open to see; noticeable to a person's eye; within sight or view.
  • Clear or manifest towards understanding; plain; obvious; apparent; understood; palpable; indubitable.
  • Appearing to your attention or head (distinguished from, but not necessarily opposed to, real or genuine); seeming; given that apparent movement or diameter for the sunlight.
  • An heir obvious.

APPARENT meaning in Law Dictionary

what Is obvious, obvious, or manifest; just what seems, or is made manifest. According to realities involved with an appeal or writ of mistake, that which is stated into the record.

APPARENT meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., from Old French aparant "evident, obvious, noticeable," from Latin apparentem (nominative apparens) "visible, manifest," present participle of apparere (see appear). Initially attested in term heir evident (see heir). Indicating "shallow" is c.1400. Apparent magnitude in astronomy (exactly how bright a heavenly body appears from planet, as opposed to absolute magnitude, that is just how bright it truly is) is attested from 1875.

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APPARENT meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat, advertising + parere, in the future forth) 1. Property of appearing to-be genuine or informative. 2. apparent or clearly provided to your head or sensory faculties.

APPARENT meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) with the capacity of being seen, or quickly seen; open to see; visually noticeable to a person's eye; within picture or view.

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  • (a.) Clear or manifest into understanding; simple; obvious; apparent; known; palpable; indubitable.
  • (a.) Appearing towards the attention or mind (distinguished from, however always in opposition to, real or real); appearing; whilst the evident motion or diameter of this sunlight.
  • (letter.) An heir obvious.

Sentence Examples with the word APPARENT

Degeneration, or the transformation of parts, often gives rise either to an apparent want of symmetry or to irregularity in form.

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