What does APOTHECARY mean?

APOTHECARY meaning in General Dictionary

a person who makes and sells medications or substances for medicinal functions

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  • a doctor competed in the skill of organizing and dispensing medicines
  • person who makes and sells medicines or substances for medicinal reasons.

APOTHECARY meaning in Law Dictionary

ny one who keeps a shop or building in which medications are compounded or ready relating to prescriptions of doctors, or where medications can be purchased. Act Cong. July 13, 1806, c. 184,

APOTHECARY meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "shopkeeper, especially one that stores, substances, and offers medicaments," from Old French apotecaire (13c., Modern French apothicaire), from Late Latin apothecarius "storekeeper," from Latin apotheca "storehouse," from Greek apotheke "barn, storehouse," literally "a spot where things are put away," from apo- "away" (see apo-) + tithenai "to place, to place" (identify theme). Same root produced French boutique and Spanish bodega. Cognate substances created Sanskrit apadha- "concealment," Old Persian apadana- "palace." Drugs and natural herbs becoming among the primary components of non-perishable items, the meaning narrowed 17c. to "druggist" (Apothecaries' Company of London separated through the Grocers' in 1617). Apothecaries formerly had been notorious for "the assumed gravity and affectation of knowledge generally put on because of the men of the career, who're commonly as shallow in their discovering because they are pedantic in their language" [Francis Grose, "A Classical Dictionary associated with Vulgar Tongue," 1796]. Thus, Apothecary's Latin, barbarously mangled, also referred to as dog-latin.

APOTHECARY meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One that prepares and sells medications or compounds for medicinal reasons.

Sentence Examples with the word APOTHECARY

Disappointed in his early hope of entering the navy, he became apprentice to an apothecary in his native town; but seeing little prospect of advancement in that calling, he soon moved to Geneva (in 1816).

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