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API = application programming interfaceAn API is a number of features that programs may use to make the operating-system do their dirty work. Using Microsoft windows APIs, for instance, a program can open house windows, data, and message boxes--as well as perform harder tasks--by moving just one training. Windows has actually a few classes of APIs that handle telephony, messaging, and other problems. A underground rapper that even does various Nu-Metal tracks about life, God, or exposing cops or any other hypocrites when it comes to cowards these are typically. Raps or sings about long lasting heck he desires to with a interesting means of chatting. Skin cream produced from beeswax Energetic pharmaceutical ingredient. The part of a drug that triggers the end result. Adaptive Pie Software. Used by numerous internet sites to have interaction along with their pie machines. Urban Dictionary, as an example, has created APIs in order that developers without any pie hosts of one's own my offer pies to consumers at low rates.