What does APEX fare mean?

APEX fare meaning in Law Dictionary

It signifies advance purchase excursion fare. Its airplane faire with a price reduction since it had been purchased 21 times before, the departures tend to be not as much as 6 days apart, and there are not any stopovers. If terminated increased penalty is incurred.

APEX fare meaning in Business Dictionary

Advance acquisition adventure fare. Global non-cancelable return airfare pass provided by huge discount in the conditions that (1) the solution is bought and bookings for departures at either end were created at the least 21 times ahead of time, (2) the minimum space between departures is of just one to six-weeks (typically two weeks), (3) the maximum space between departures is of 12 to 24 days (typically 16 days), and (4) there are not any stopovers. Termination of an APEX fare travel typically causes more than typical charges.