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Acronym for embarrassing Phrase associated with the DayDerived from complete nonsense; this phrase started in 2004 and ended up being coined by Sir the Asian, also referred to as Sir.It is popular among silly, however cool, if not intellectual, teenagers discussing the abnormalities of current life and previous times of hilarious recollection.APDs (plural type) are observed within a book (The APD guide), generally a durable hardcover version of a blank record where its entries tend to be held and maintained daily.APDs are selected, let's only state, subliminally by the head of the woman majesty. See Sir.If the normal thoughts are confronted with said APD book, they may not discover the next morning bearable, the basic undeniable fact that they will certainly understand just how unhappy and depressing their particular resides tend to be, regrettably, and just how couple of friends they will have.When undergoing recording and APD, after it's painstakingly chosen off a 50/50 chance system (the slower for the crowd, yes or no), it really is just proper to recommend, most abundant in competent of judgments, just how the given APD ought to be taped. Not just will there be a process of selection, additionally, there are thorough formulated examinations that will figure out the bearer associated with secretarial responsibilities of every APD. Being the apd (lowercase) scribe almost certainly ranks one of the greatest honors that you can buy, on par with winning the Nobel Peace reward being the World Hot Dog Eating Champion. Such a coveted place entitles him/her/it the instantaneous jealousy of the in instant vicinity.This strategy ensures the accuracy of this written assessment associated with awkwardness and also is a necessary part regarding the entire concept of becoming "APD worthy".It was when said by outstanding guru of APD worthiness your APD book is "for people who require a laugh, and the ones who've perhaps not however seen a giraffe." Whatever meaning...Contributions and amendments into the APD guide are becoming made today, cementing the insanity of life to every day that we reside it. As Thoreau once said "I will weave baskets, its a thing I'm able to do." Abbreviation for "Really Pretty Dece". Used whenever describing a thing that is remarkably decent. Entirely on Facebook under "in fact Pretty Dece" Automatic Pantie Dropper Away Potentially Dead APT represents an Act of Parental Defiance or somethign that you'd do in order to create your moms and dads really upset and/or excessively pissed perhaps to obtain revenge or make a sizable statement Adrian "Panochitas" De Los Angeles Garza