What does APANAGE mean?

APANAGE meaning in General Dictionary

Same as Appanage

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  • any customary and rightful perquisite appropriate towards section in life
  • a grant (by a sovereign or a legislative human anatomy) of resources to maintain a dependent person in a ruling family members
  • Just Like Appanage.

APANAGE meaning in Law Dictionary

In old French legislation. A provision of lands or feudal superiorities assigned because of the leaders of France for upkeep of their more youthful sons. An allow-- ance assigned to a prince of this reigning residence for his proper maintenance out of the community treasury. 1 Hallam, Mid. Ages, pp. ii, 88; Wharton.

APANAGE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

see appanage.

APANAGE - German to English

apanage [spv.]

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  • appanage

APANAGE meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Same as Appanage.

Sentence Examples with the word APANAGE

The other claimant, however, Otto William, count of upper Burgundy, or Franche Comte, offered so stubborn a resistance that it was not until 1015 that the king secured the duchy, which he gave as an apanage to his son Henry.

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