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n open resource or community internet computer software which improved continually by volunteer programers. Its the preferred software and works closely with linux, unix, and windows.

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1745, from American Spanish (1598), most likely from Yavapai (a Yuman language) 'epache "people." Sometimes produced from Zuni apachu "enemy" (see F.W. Hodge, "American Indians," 1907), but this appears to have been the Zuni title the Navajo. French journalistic feeling of "Parisian gangster or thug" first attested 1902. Apache party ended up being the World War I-era same in principle as 1990s' intense "slam dance." Fenimore Cooper's Indian books had been extremely popular in European countries through the entire 19c., and comparisons of Cooper's fictional Indian ways in the wilderness and underworld life in European towns and cities return to Dumas' "Les Mohicans de Paris" (1854-1859). It really is probably due to the imitations of Cooper (amounting almost to plagiarisms) by German writer Karl May (1842-1912) that Apaches replaced Mohicans in preferred imagination. Additionally compare Mohawk.

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any person in Athapaskan tribes that migrated into the southwestern desert (from Arizona to Tx and south into Mexico); fought a losing fight from 1861 to 1886 using the United States and were resettled in Oklahoma

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APACHE meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Apache is considered the most well-known Web host pc software. It allows a pc to number one or more web pages that can be accessed over the Internet making use of an internet internet browser. Initial version of Apache was launched in 1995 by the Apache Group. In 1999, the Apache Group became the Apache computer software Foundation, a non-profit company that currently keeps the introduction of the Apache online host computer software. Apache's appeal inside Web hosting marketplace is mostly since it is available supply and liberated to make use of. Consequently, hosting companies can offer Apache-based hosting solutions at minimal prices. Various other server software, including Windows host, requires a commercial license. Apache in addition supports numerous platforms, including Linux, Microsoft windows, and Macintosh operating systems. Because so many Linux distributions may open-source, the Linux/Apache combination has transformed into the most popular Web hosting setup. Apache can host static web pages, along with dynamic websites that use server-side scripting languages, including PHP, Python, or Perl. Help for those along with other languages is implemented through segments, or set up bundles which can be added to the typical Apache installation. Apache additionally supports other segments, that provide advanced level security options, file administration tools, and other functions. Many Apache installations include a URL rewriting component labeled as "mod_rewrite," with become a typical means for webmasters generate custom URLs. Although the Apache online server application is frequently called just "Apache," it's officially called "Apache HTTP host," since the software acts webpages within the HTTP protocol. Whenever Apache is operating, its procedure name is "httpd," which is short for "HTTP daemon."

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The decay of the military power of the presidios during the Mexican war of independence, the expulsion of loyal Spaniards - notably friars - and the renewal of Apache wars, led to the temporary abandonment of all settlements except Tubac and Tucson.

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