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all the children who take AP (Advabced location) classes. they begin hard-working, smart, and determined. they end up smoking cigarettes weed every single day and copying all the hw from the 1 or two young ones which really achieved it, often the overachieving orientals. If these are also beginning to slack off, they collaborate...especially with all the work of these which already achieved it just last year. if the AP examinations come, they have a tendency not to sleep for approximately two weeks straight, strung out on sugar, caffene ,nicotine, and w/e else they are able to afford.AP history class if funn.. 1. High School students signed up for more than one Advanced position training course.2. People that are on the Myspace Vanity band of Aesthetic Perfection; Most of them have numerous of pals but exquisitely edited photographs ; they may be envied by most other unsuccessful myspace whores which are on second group groups like Aesthetic Apex or Innovative Quality.