What does AP Insomnia mean?

AP Insomnia meaning in Urban Dictionary

It's something which occurs when one becomes an AP pupil. One manages to lose the ability to sleep, and/or forgets how to sleep... forever. AP Insomnia affects 100per cent of students 60% of the time, and also by that after all always. While most people are hitting the hay at 9 o'clock regarding the dot, AP students are only priming their particular brainial motors. Yeah. AP pupils establish sleep as:Sleep (nonexistent noun) - more time for learning and/or doing homework and/or viewing bad late night documentaries as to how the Qing Dynasty came into being, and/or sobbing inconsolably.We may additionally utilize sleep to cry and/or whine regarding how we don't arrive at spend time with our study buddies because we had been sobbing about lacking something that we can not determine, which studies also show, is "SLEEP".