What does AOCD mean?

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signifies Automotive Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.Symptoms of AOCD feature, but they are not restricted on after:1. Parking no less than 10 parking spaces from all other automobiles in a parking great deal in order to avoid door dings or parking area accidents (also characterized by parking in far corner places).2. Cleansing your vehicle over and over again a week3. Tapping the feet together before putting all of them inside your car.4. Maintaining automotive cleansers, waxes, and polishes as part of your car anyway time.5. Never with your windshield washer substance as you continue to keep your windshield clean.6. Owning more microfiber auto cloths than any other towels in your house.7. Keeping automobile components in your bedroom to keep them safe and clean.8. Your car or truck gets dirtier when it's rained-on.