What does AO AO AO A.O. A-O ao AO mean?

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Area of Operations. Army-speak. ..is brief for ‘Adults just’ (many extreme videogame rating inside U.S.). See also others vg reviews: EC(Early Childhood), K-A(Kids to grownups; ended up being replaced by 'E' in 1996), E(everybody), E10+(every person 10 years old or older), T(Teen), M(Mature readers), AO(Adults just), and ESRB. ..is brief for ‘Adults Only’ (many extreme videogame score in the States). See also: EC, K-A, E, E10+, T, M, AO, and ESRB. Stands for Accidental Ownage. When someone flaunts and fails, or something like that that way. Usually used in celebratory style. MMORPG Anarchy On Line initials of philly playground soon-to-be legend Aaron Owens. Plays for AND1's Mixtape Journey.