What does ANTINOMY mean?

ANTINOMY meaning in General Dictionary

resistance of just one legislation or guideline to a different legislation or rule

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  • a contradiction between two statements that seem equally reasonable
  • Opposition of 1 legislation or rule to another legislation or rule.
  • An opposing legislation or rule of any kind.
  • A contradiction or incompatibility of idea or language; -- within the Kantian viewpoint, such a contradiction as arises from make an effort to apply to the a few ideas associated with explanation, relations or characteristics which are proper and then the facts or the concepts of experience.

ANTINOMY meaning in Law Dictionary

term found in reasoning and legislation to denote a genuine or obvious inconsistency or dispute between two authorities or propositions; same as antinomia, (q. v.)

ANTINOMY meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "contradiction in regulations," from Latin antinomia, from Greek antinomia "ambiguity within the legislation," from anti- "against" (see anti-) + nomos "law" (see numismatics). As a term in logic, from 1802 (Kant).

ANTINOMY meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Ger. Antinomie) The shared contradiction of two concepts or inferences resting on premises of equal credibility. Kant shows, when you look at the Antinomies of pure explanation, that contradictory conclusions towards cosmos could be established with equal credit; out of this he concluded that the thought of the world, like other transcendent some ideas of metaphysics, is a purely speculative, indeterminate idea. (See Kantianism.) -- O.F.K.

ANTINOMY meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Opposition of 1 legislation or guideline to another law or guideline.

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  • (n.) An opposing law or rule of any kind.
  • (letter.) A contradiction or incompatibility of thought or language; -- in Kantian viewpoint, these types of a contradiction as comes from the try to connect with the tips associated with reason, relations or qualities that are appropriate and then the reality and/or ideas of expertise.

Sentence Examples with the word ANTINOMY

To them, therefore, Christianity presented itself not primarily as the religion of a redemption through the indwelling power of a risen saviour, as with Paul, nor even as the solution of the problem how the sins of men could be forgiven, but as the reconciliation of the antinomy of the intellect, indicated above.

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