What does ANTHROPOMETRY mean?

ANTHROPOMETRY meaning in General Dictionary

Measurement associated with level alongside measurements of human beings specially at various centuries or perhaps in various races occupations etc

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  • measurement and study regarding the body and its particular parts and capacities
  • Measurement of the height as well as other dimensions of human beings, especially at different many years, or in different events, professions, etc.

ANTHROPOMETRY meaning in Law Dictionary

In criminal law and health jurisprudence. The measurement of the human anatomy; a system of calculating the proportions associated with the human body, both positively and in their particular percentage together, the facial, cranial, and other sides, the design and measurements of the skull, etc., for purposes of comparison with corresponding dimensions of various other people, and offering when it comes to identification for the subject in instances of skeptical or disputed identity. See BERTILLON PROGRAM.

ANTHROPOMETRY meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1839, "acquaintance because of the measurements of areas of the human body," from anthropo- + -metry. Maybe modeled on French anthropometrie.

ANTHROPOMETRY meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Measurement associated with the height also measurements of human beings, especially at different centuries, or in different events, vocations, etc.

Sentence Examples with the word ANTHROPOMETRY

Lombroso, Antropometria di 400 delinquenti (1872); Roberts, Manual of Anthropometry (1878); Ferri, Studi comparati di antropometria (2 vols., 1881-1882); Lombroso, Rughe anomale speciali ai criminali (1890); Bertillon, Instructions signaletiques pour l'identification anthropometrique (1893); Livi, Anthropometria (Milan, D900); Furst, Indextabellen zum anthropometrischen Gebrauch (Jena, 1902); Report of Home Office Committee on the Best Means of Identifying Habitual Criminals (1893-1894).

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