What does ANNEXATION mean?

ANNEXATION meaning in General Dictionary

The act of annexing procedure of attaching adding or appending the work of connecting union given that annexation of Tx to your US or of chattels to your freehold

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  • incorporation by joining or uniting
  • the formal act of obtaining anything (especially territory) by conquest or career
  • The act of annexing; procedure of attaching, adding, or appending; the work of connecting; union; since, the annexation of Texas toward united states of america, or of chattels towards freehold.
  • The union of home with a freehold in order to be a fixture. Bouvier. (b) (Scots Law) The appropriation of places or rents towards the crown.

ANNEXATION meaning in Law Dictionary

The work of attaching, adding, joining, or uniting the one thing to some other ; generally talked of the link of a smaller or subordinate thing with a larger or major thing. The affixing an illustrative or additional document to a deposition, pleading, deed, etc., is named "annexing" it. So the incorporation of newly-acquired territory to the nationwide domain, as an integral part thereof, is called "annexation," like in the situation for the inclusion of Texas towards US. Inside legislation associated with fixtures: real annexation includes every motion through which a chattel is joined or united toward freehold. Useful annexation may be the union of such things as are holden parcel of realty, but which are not actually annexed, fixed, or fastened to your freehold. Shep. Touch. 469; Amos & F. Fixt. 2. In Scotch legislation. The union of lands to the top, and declaring all of them inalienable. In addition the appropriation associated with church-lands because of the top, together with union of places lying well away from the parish chapel that they belong, to your church of another parish to which these are generally contiguous.

ANNEXATION meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1620s, from Medieval Latin annexiationem (nominative annexatio) "activity of annexing," noun of activity from previous participle stem of annexare (see annex). The Middle English noun form ended up being annexion "union; joining; territory obtained" (mid-15c.).

ANNEXATION meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) The act of annexing; means of attaching, incorporating, or appending; the act of connecting; union; because, the annexation of Tx to the united states of america, or of chattels to your freehold.

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  • (v. t.) The union of residential property with a freehold to be able to become a fixture. Bouvier. (b) (Scots legislation) The appropriation of places or rents towards the top.

Sentence Examples with the word ANNEXATION

By proclamation, on the 17th of December, he extended the frontier of the colony northward to the Orange river and eastward to the Keiskamma river, and on the 23rd, at a meeting of the Kaffir chiefs, announced the annexation of the country between the Keiskamma and the Kei rivers to the British crown, thus reabsorbing the territory abandoned by order of Lord Glenelg.

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