What does ANIMUS mean?

ANIMUS meaning in General Dictionary

Animating character objective mood

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  • a feeling of sick might arousing energetic hostility
  • Animating nature; objective; temperament.

ANIMUS meaning in Law Dictionary

Lat. Notice; intention; personality; design; might. Animo, (v.;) using intention or design. These terms are based on the civil-law.

ANIMUS meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1820, "temper" (usually in a hostile good sense), from Latin animus "rational soul, brain, life, emotional abilities; courage, desire," about anima "living being, heart, brain, disposition, enthusiasm, nerve, fury, spirit, sensation," from PIE root *ane- "to strike, to breathe" (cognates: Greek anemos "wind," Sanskrit aniti "breathes," Old Irish rectal, Welsh anadl "breath," Old Irish animm "heart," Gothic uzanan "to exhale," Old Norse anda "to inhale," Old English age

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ANIMUS meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Animating character; intention; temper.

Sentence Examples with the word ANIMUS

The misguided animus of the impeachment as a piece of partisan politics was soon very generally admitted; and the importance of its failure, in securing the continued power and independence of the presidential element in the constitutional system, can hardly be over-estimated.

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