What does ANCIENTS mean?

ANCIENTS meaning in Law Dictionary

In English law. Men associated with the inns of judge and chancery. In Gray's Inn the community is made of benchers, ancients, barristers, and pupils underneath the bar; and right here the ancients are regarding the oldest barristers. In the Middle Temple, people who had passed away their particular readings always he termed "ancients." The Inns of Chancery contain ancients and pupils or clerks: through the ancients a principal or treasurer is plumped for yearly. Wharton.

ANCIENTS meaning in General Dictionary

those who lived in times long past (especially through the historical duration ahead of the fall of Roman Empire in western Europe)

Sentence Examples with the word ANCIENTS

Lucien now consolidated the work of the soldiery by procuring from the Ancients a decree which named Bonaparte, Sieyes and Ducos as provisional consuls, while a legislative commission was appointed to report on necessary changes in the constitution.

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