What does ANCIENT DEMESNE mean?

ANCIENT DEMESNE meaning in Law Dictionary

Manors which in the time of William the Conqueror were in the possession of for the top, and so taped within the Domesday Book. Fitzh. Nat. Brev. 14. 50: Baker v. Wich. 1 Salk. 50. Tenure in ancient demesne may be pleaded in abatement to an action of ejectment. Rust v. Roe. 2 Burr. 1040. Also a species of copyhold, which differs, however, from common copyholds in certain benefits, and yet needs to be communicated by surrender, in line with the customized of this manor. There are three kinds: (1) where in actuality the places take place easily bv the king's grant; (2) customary freeholds, that are held of a manor in old demesne, although not at lord's will, even though they tend to be communicated by surrender. or deed and admittance: (3) places held by backup of court-roll within lord's might, denominated copyholds of base tenure.

Sentence Examples with the word ANCIENT DEMESNE

In 1087 the king held the manor of Wendover, and therefore it belonged to the ancient demesne of the crown.

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