What does AMR mean?

AMR meaning in Names Dictionary

Son of Arthur.
Name Origin: Arthurian Legend
Name Gender: Male

AMR meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Released September 8, 1998, AMR stands for Audio/Modem Riser and allows OEMs which will make one card that has the functionality of either Modem or Audio or both Audio and Modem using one card. This requirements permits the motherboard become made cheaper and free up business standard expansion slots when you look at the system for other extra plug-in peripherals. The picture a typical example of exactly what the AMR slot looks like regarding the Motherboard. This slot can be regarding far side of the motherboard, alongside a PCI slot.

Sentence Examples with the word AMR

The former, called by the Arabs Mukaukis (Muqauqis) from his Coptic name Pkauchios, had for ten years before the arrival of Amr maintained a fierce persecution of the Jacobite sect, to which the bulk of the Copts belonged.

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