What does AMICUS CURL mean?

AMICUS CURL meaning in Law Dictionary

Lat. A buddy associated with judge. A by-stander (usually a counsellor) which interposes and volunteers information upon some matter-of legislation regarding that your judge is doubtful or mistaken, or upon a matter that the court might take judicial cognizance. Advice in judge often act inside capacity once they happen to be in ownership of a ease that the judge has not seen, or doesn't currently remember. Taft v. Northern Transp. Co., 56 N. H. 416; Birmingham Loan, etc., Co. v. Bank, 100 Ala. 249, 13 South. 945, 46 Am. St. Rep. 45; In re Columbia real-estate Co. (D. C.) 101 Fed. 970. Additionally, it is put on people who have no to appear in a suit, but they are permitted to present research to safeguard their interests. Bass v. Fontleroy, 11 Tex. 699, 701, 702.