What does AMERCEMENT mean?

AMERCEMENT meaning in General Dictionary

The infliction of a penalty on discretion associated with courtroom additionally a mulct or penalty thus imposed It varies from a fine because the latter is or had been originally a set and particular amount recommended by statute for an offense but an amercement is arbitrary For this reason the act or rehearse of affeering See Affeer

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  • money removed as a penalty
  • The infliction of a penalty at the discernment of this courtroom; additionally, a mulct or punishment therefore enforced. It differs from an excellent,in the latter is, or had been initially, a hard and fast and certain amount recommended by statue for an offense; but an amercement is arbitrary. Therefore, the act or practice of affeering. [See Affeer.]

AMERCEMENT meaning in Law Dictionary

pecuniary penalty, into the nature of a fine, enforced upon someone for some fault or misconduct, he being "in mercy" for their offense. It absolutely was assessed because of the peers of tjie delinquent, or even the af- feerors, or imposed arbitrarily at discernment of the judge or even the lord. Goodyear v. Sawyer (C. C.) 17 Fed. 9. The essential difference between amercements and ?fines is really as follows: The latter tend to be specific, and are created by some statute; they are able to only be enforced and evaluated by process of law of record; the previous are arbitrarily enforced by courts maybe not of record, as courtsleet. Termes de los angeles Ley, 40. Your message "amercement" is certainly especially made use of of a mulct or punishment, enforced by a court upon its own officials for neglect of task, or failure to pay over moneys collected. Particularly, the treatment against a sheriff for failing woefully to levy an execution or make return of profits of purchase is, in a number of of this states, known as "amercement." In others, similar outcome is reached by procedure for attachment. Abbott Stansbury v. Mfg. Co., 5 N. J. Law, 441.

Sentence Examples with the word AMERCEMENT

When a person who was accused of any crime was not forthcoming, inquiry was made whether he was in frankpledge; if he were not, and had no right of exemption, the township was amerced, but if he were in a tithing,-then it was upon the tithing that the amercement fell.

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