What does AMENITY mean?

AMENITY meaning in General Dictionary

the caliber of being pleasant or agreeable whether according to scenario weather manners or disposition pleasantness civility suavity gentleness

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  • pleasantness caused by agreeable problems
  • the standard of being pleasant or agreeable, whether in respect to scenario, weather, manners, or disposition; pleasantness; civility; suavity; gentleness.

AMENITY meaning in Law Dictionary

In real home law. These types of situations, in regards to scenario, perspective, usage of a water-course, or perhaps the love, as boost the pleasantness or desirability of an estate for reasons of residence, or subscribe to the satisfaction and satisfaction for the occupants, without for their indispensable needs. In The united kingdomt, upon the building of a railway and/or construction of other public works, “amenity damages” can be provided for the defacement of enjoyment grounds, the disability of riparian liberties, or any other destruction of or problems for the amenities for the property. Inside law of easements, an “amenity” consists in restraining the owner from performing by using and on his home which, but for the grant or covenant, he could lawfully did; occasionally called a “negative easement” as distinguished from that course of easements which compel the dog owner to experience something to-be done on his property by another. Equitable Lifetime Assur. Soc. v. Bren- nan (Sup.) 24 N. Y. Supp. 788.

AMENITY meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "quality to be pleasant or agreeable," from Old French amenite, from Latin amoenitatem (nominative amoenitas) "delightfulness, pleasantness," from amoenus "pleasant," possibly related to amare "to love" (see Amy).

AMENITY meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The standard of becoming pleasant or agreeable, whether according to scenario, environment, manners, or disposition; pleasantness; civility; suavity; gentleness.