What does AMENDE HONORABLE mean?

AMENDE HONORABLE meaning in Law Dictionary

In old English legislation. a penalty enforced upon someone by means of disgrace or infamy, as a discipline for offense, or for the objective of making reparation for injury done to another, as walking into chapel in a white sheet, with a rope about the neck and a torch in hand, and begging the pardon of Jesus, or perhaps the master, or any private individual, for a few delinquency. Bouvier. In French law. A species of punishment that offenders against general public decency or morality had been anciently condemned.

Sentence Examples with the word AMENDE HONORABLE

Benjamin Sulte'S Comprehensive Histoire Des Canadians Francais (1882) Is A Well Written, Many Sided Work: Thomas Chapais' Monographs Are As Firmly Grounded As They Are Finely Expressed; His Jean Talon (1904) Is Of Prime Importance; And His Montcalm (1901) Is The Generous Amende Honorable Paid By French Canadian Literature To A Much Misrepresented, But Admirably Wrought, Career.

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