What does ALTERCATION mean?

ALTERCATION meaning in General Dictionary

heated assertion in words dispute carried on with heat or anger debate wrangle wordy competition

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  • noisy quarrel
  • Warm contention in words; dispute continued with heat or anger; debate; wrangle; wordy contest.

ALTERCATION meaning in Law Dictionary

This relates to all trials where witnesses are analyzed. In normal use it pertains to a dispute or a fight.

ALTERCATION meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Old French altercacion (12c.) and directly from Latin altercationem (nominative altercatio) "a dispute, discussion, conversation," noun of activity from previous participle stem of altercari "to dispute (with another)," from change "other" (see change).

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ALTERCATION meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Warm assertion in words; dispute continued with temperature or fury; conflict; wrangle; wordy contest.

Sentence Examples with the word ALTERCATION

On this occasion an altercation occurred between him and his friend Gans, who in his notice of lectures on jurisprudence had recommended Hegel's Philosophy of Right.

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